AFTER SHOCK is a "Hot & Cool Cinnamon Liqueur" bottled by Munson Shaw Co. of Deerfield, IL. It is 40% alcohol (80 proof) and drunkeness will ensue after approximately 8 shots, depending on your height and weight.

Personal experiences with After Shock...
There are crystals located on the bottom of the bottle. These are the solidified alcohol and sugar(?) from the drink. Be sure, when in an intoxicated state, not to mistake the glass of the bottle for the crystallized material (you must break the bottle to access the crystals.)

There are 3 correct ways to serve after shock;

1. Pour into shot glass. Warm with hands for 60 seconds. Ignite with zippo. Down in one, preferably without immolating yourself.

2. Keep bottle in freezer for a few hours (aftershock is 40%, it won't freeze until it's about -40C). Pour shot. Drink but don't swallow for 60 seconds. Once shot is swallowed, scream in pain. Watch as you attract the attention of many girls.

3. Mix up a measure of aftershock (UK pub standard measure = 25cc), 1 measure of vodka (preferably a good vodka like Finlandia or Smirnoff blue), and add ice and redbull to taste. This mixture is bright red, and people will ask what on earth you are drinking. Wetherspoons pubs sell pitchers of this stuff (multiply all quantities by 3) at good prices.

After Shock comes in two flavours. Red is cinnamon (too sweet) and blue is citrus (tastes like toothpaste). Wetherspoons pubs also serve purple After Shock which was, funnily enough, a mixture of the two, and tasted great. It was called Purple Haze. jmn32 tells me that the Hogshead pub off Leicester Square serves purple After Shock that comes in a proper bottle.

The Square Peg also serves it in little plastic UV shot glasses, red for cinnamon flavour and blue/purple (indigo?) for citrus flavour.

According to the barkeep, the correct way to drink Aftershock is as follows:

  • tip entire shot into mouth
  • hold it in your mouth for ages while holding your breath
  • swallow
  • put two fingers in your mouth, as if whistling
  • inhale deeply around these fingers.

I'm not sure why this is so wonderful, but an Aftershock-drinking friend assures me that it works. The last three steps must be done in fairly rapid succession.

After Shock now comes in three flavours - the third new one is green, and is a revolting licorice flavour. I tried it at my university ball and was nearly ill, so foul is the taste.

It is pure evil, cinnamon red burned, mint blue was nice, and the two mixed together - known as a Purple After Shock or a Purple Haze was probably the fastest but most painless way to get slaughtered.

After Shock will warm you up nicely after a cold walk down to the club, but normally I recommend that you have a pint of something nice to slurp immediately afterwards if it's the first shot you've had that night.

Blue After Shock is also a great breath freshener for when you've pulled but have been on the Boddies all night and don't want to breathe beer breath on your potential partner.

There is now a new special edition flavour: After Shock Black. As the name might suggest it comes in an all-black bottle and is described as a “cranberry spiced flavour hot-cool sensation”. Now you can burn away your tastebuds with a different flavour as you assert your drinking game skills by gargling with the stuff.

You should find it behind the bar of most good drinking establishments, and quite a few crappy ones.

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