..tend to bore me, but more so, they confuse me.

This isn't an attack on anyone who might say "I'm bored" every so often, or might express the want to do something. This isn't a complaint, it's merely a simple observation.

Generally when someone is bored, the last thing they do is sit there and think about the fact that they can think at all, the fact that there are billions of neat little things to do with your time. I've also noticed that restlessness is mistaken for boredom quite often, and though they're on the same level, they are not the same, at least not in my eyes. Restlessness tends to result from being physically inactive for long periods of time, where boredom tends to be the opposite, in a way. Perhaps that's a bit out in left field.. but this is what I'm suggesting, here. I don't think that anyone has any real reason to be bored. I used to be, quite often, now it's an extremely rare occurrence. I've lost the ability to be truly bored.

Here is a brief list of things I do when I start thinking that I'm bored because there is "nothing to do":
  • Write. There is always something floating in your head, write it down.. this isn't for everyone, but the majority of people on e2 like tow rite, I'd wager.
  • Sit outside underneath a tree and stare at the ground, preferrably grass. You'd be truly amazed at the stuff that goes on down there.. watch a little ant carry a piece of food'y product, watch the way different pieces of grass move in the wind. Run your fingertips over it, note the dry spots, the thriving patches.. search for four leaf clovers.
  • Think. Just sit and think, and smile because you can, smile because you've that ability. If thinking just increases the restlessness, makes you even more inclined to utter the inevitable "I'm bored", try pondering questions about the universe, such as how it was formed. If you can stay bored after that, well, you're not me.
  • Go for a walk.. take in the day, evening, night. Late night walks are often the dreamiest.. place of residence permitting, it's not quite safe to walk in the dark in some places.
  • Call someone. Just ramble on, whether it be coherent or not matters little. Who it is also matters little, just that they're willing to listen to you ramble is good. There is of course IRC. Noding, reading nodes, all of the net related and media stuff that might be enjoyable. Try watching an old movie you haven't seen in a long time..
  • One other thing that's fun to do when you can't find something to occupy your time is to listen to old cd's you have lying around. Like that NKOTB disc you've had since 8th grade, stuff like that. If nothing else, it will give you a good laugh. Don't forget to sing along!
I live with people who claim to be bored a lot. I just wish they'd realize it's the most futile of things to be.. it gets you no where, and it's usually pretty unfounded anyway. If nothing else, burst out into a set of show tunes and entertain strangers on the street. Grab a fork and spoon and make beautiful music for the masses! I'd like to know where everyone seems to even find the time to be bored..

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