In the Star Trek episode "The Cage", later reworked as "The Menagerie", Captain Christopher Pike is imprisoned by the Talosians and he and his fellow inmate Vina (Susan Oliver) are subjected to a series of illusions. In one, Pike is cast as a disreputable space trader while Vina becomes a green-skinned dancing girl from Orion. A fellow trader drops hints of the amazing sexual prowess of such women; Pike flees the scene and moments later finds himself stuck in a cave with Vina, who advances on him with a wicked smile. The screen goes tantalizingly dark, at which point the nine-year-olds in the audience tend to find themselves feeling inexplicably flushed and tingly.

For better or worse, that first childhood glimpse of the green Orion slave girl created an indelible mental imprint that haunts the libidos of geeks all over the world. Not even Princess Leia in a gold metal bikini can topple her from her supreme position as the Sexiest Babe in Science Fiction.

Though perhaps she could try; I picture a sort of gladiatorial arena-type combat in which the pair wrestles for supremacy, maybe in some sort of oil or mud. Just a thought.

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