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Pronounced (ye-ho-va) The name of a book, classed as 'non-fiction' and rather hard to find in book stores, discussing the biographical account of Michel Desmarquet, who on the 26th of June 1987 was abducted by an alien race who took him to the 'ninth planet', called 'Thiaoouba', the most highly evolved planet in our galaxy.

In his book, Michel claims he was enlightened by the inhabiting 3-metre-tall highly evolved hermaphrodites all about reincarnation, the meaning of life and the substance of astral bodies,auras, as well as Atlantis, Jesus Christ, and other intersting tid bits before being returned to Earth, enrolled as a new messiah.

Upon his return, Michel set to writing the amazing account of his journey and the thiaooban theories. At first, Michel found it very hard to get his book published - and his initial intent was of giving out free copies - however, he stated that people thought that anything which was free was most likely to be crap, and he terribly wanted to be taken seriously. One argument that holds in favour of his accounts as being authetnic are that Micheal is relatively ignorant as well as unimaginative, and could not have come up with such an account

Thiaoouba is now presently not only in published format but translated into spanish, greek and japanese, and true or false, and dubious as it contents may be, it has come to be accepted as one of the most important 'new age' books ever written.

In fact I wonder why not more people know about this book. Michel suspects Government Conspiracies.

Update The author of the book was at first untrustworthy of free distribution of the book through the net, due to the ease by which a pc document can be altered... but apparently he is ready to risk it in order to reach more people , because the book can now be found free online at http://www.thiaoouba.com/

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