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A tofu-based substitute for a roast turkey, made by Turtle Island Foods. Fun to say, too: toh-FURR-key.

A Tofurky meal kit comes with a tofu roast filled with stuffing, a few phony drumsticks (legs), some vegetarian gravy, and "WishStixs" (sic) made of Tofurky Jerky.

I haven't tried the full Tofurky meal kit, but I'm eating Tofurky Jerky right now and it's pretty damned tasty.

Tofurky is available at retail stores in most US states (all except Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota).

SOURCE: http://www.tofurky.com/ and my local health food store

Tofurky is a vegan turkey substitute made from soy protein and other such ingredients. It is sold in various forms, with the basic 750 gram roast sometimes being supplemented with vegan gravy. The roast itself comes prestuffed with stuffing. By itself, it is enough to feed two people well and a third person sparingly, but it is nowhere near the size of a traditional holiday turkey. They usually retail for around a dozen dollars.

The Tofurky doesn't differ considerably from other imitation meat products, such as the many offerings put out by Morningstar Farms, although it is larger. It has been a long time since I have tasted meat, but apparently the taste is a pretty hard thing to pin down. The Tofurky, especially, is mostly used for the ritual purpose of having a (somewhat) traditional Thanksgiving meal, rather than because people crave the taste of Tofurky. Not to say that it is bad: I enjoy eating a Tofurky, but I only ever do so at Thanksgiving.

Since the point of the Tofurky is to be a centerpiece of a holiday meal, there are many things that can be done with it. I like to enclose it with rice and vegetables and roast it together into a complete meal. There are many variations on this, all done with the purpose of extending a little ball of textured soy protein into a complete ritual meal.

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