A fine fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger, it is one of the many perfumes that I have bought that languish in my jumble of cosmetics. The following description is lifted straight from tommy.com:

Tommy Girl is a declaration of independence. Refreshing, energetic and spirited, Tommy Girl is inspired by wildflowers gathered from the American landscape. The effervescent floral scent combines clarity with energy, freshness with spirit, and floral notes with a fresh sexiness .

Well, yes, I did feel awfully old and terribly sophisticated buying it for myself, but that was prolly because I'd never bought myself perfume before.
I can see that. It is a strong scent, at first fresh, but after a while extremely grating.
Inspired by wildflowers
I cannot truly vouch for anyone's olfactory capacity but my own, but this is the first time I have ever contemplated Tommy Girl and wildflowers in the same sentence.
Fresh sexiness:
This, I believe, sums it up very nicely.

The perfume is actually quite a good one, not a bad scent and extremely long lasting.

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