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Transparent Horizons is a creation of welded black scrap metal placed at the end of the courtyard at the East Campus dormitory at MIT. It is named Transparent Horizons because it is entirely opaque and obscures the horizon. The residents of Fred the Dorm frequently try and improve it:

  • The statue is buried in twelve feet of snow whenever there is enough snow on the ground.
  • A student on his way to class one morning realized as he passed the statue that he had forgotten his textbook. When he came back out of the dorm five minutes later, the statue was sky blue instead of black. A group of students with fire extinguishers filled with blue paint had run outside in the meantime and tried to improve the color.
  • Students on their way to lecture one day discovered the statue covered in hundreds of helium balloons, with a note attached: "We hoped that it would float away."
  • For one summer, a "Transparent Horizons Appreciation Couch" lived next to the statue-- facing away from the sculpture for a proper view.

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