The Definitive Practical Treatise on Time (You Fucko):

Within the strict temporal bounds of mortal existence, the past becomes continually lengthier, whereas the future grows unalterably shorter. The net effect is nil. Anyway, assuming an inverse correlation between length and boredom, the past gets more boring(er) all the time. And the future soon becomes the past, so why bother thinking about that, either? You’d be fighting an uphill battle against a slope of c.

The total length of the present is 0, so I feel confident in ignoring it.

That’s why I dig space over time. Simplifies to speed and differentiates to acceleration. Yeah, that's right.

Appendix A: Equations:
future past + present = your time (This is when you should 'do it'.)
Everything else is mine and you ain't gettin’ none.

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