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Whether your cattle are in a pasture or a feedlot, you're going to have to deal with gas sooner or later. Now most cattle get by with belching, but sometimes, it's not enough, and you're going to need a trocar to get that gas out of the rumen. It should be an essential part of your livestock first aid kit. At least that what the NebGuide says (Bloat Prevention and Treatment, G74-149-A).
Plan with your veterinarian for emergency treatment for bloat before the grazing season. Equipment needed includes:
  1. good handling facilities,
  2. a rubber hose about 3/4" to 1" in diameter and 8 to 10 feet long,
  3. a supply of defoaming agent, and
  4. a large trocar (and a sharp knife suitable for opening an incision into the rumen if the trocar fails to relieve the bloat).
Mind you, this is for acute cases. Try the defoaming agent first, then the trocar, before moving to the incision.

This information provided for entertainment purposes only.

Tro"car (?), n. [F. trocart (or trois-quarts, i. e., three quarters); trois three (L. tres) + carre the side of a sword blade; -- so called from its triangular point.] Surg.

A stylet, usually with a triangular point, used for exploring tissues or for inserting drainage tubes, as in dropsy.

[Written also trochar.]


© Webster 1913.

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