Tualatin, Oregon is a suburb of Portland, Oregon, located mostly in Washington County, to the southwest of Portland. Tualatin is located to the south of Tigard, and to the north of Wilsonville. It is also located just to the north of where Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 diverge. And, as its name suggests, along the banks of the Tualatin River.

Tualatin was first incorporated in 1913, but for many decades was a small community of a few hundred people. As was the case with so many other suburbs in the Portland area, its population grew rapidly after World War II, and today it has a population of around 27,000 people. Like many cities in Washington County, it is heavily Latino, with around 20% of the population identifying as Hispanic. It is also well-educated and affluent, with 45% of the population having graduated college, and with a median household income of 92,000 dollars. And also like much of suburban southwestern Portland, it is difficult to say where Tualatin starts and stops. I have been there many times, but the office parks, big box stores and housing developments of Tualatin look much like the ones in adjoining Tigard. However, that being said, it also has many excellent parks and green spaces.

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