The Iron Cobra is Tama's best-selling line of bass drum pedals. It comes in three varieties, Power Glide, Flexi Glide and Rolling Glide, each of which is also availible as double, or "twin" pedals. The most widely-used is the Power Glide.

Many drummers prefer a strap pedal to a chain pedal, the Flexi Glide being just that. Strap pedals have a bit of a smoother feel than chain pedals, and some drummers describe this as "floating action". Basically, instead of a double or single chain, the Flexi glide features a strap made of Dupont Kevlar, which is a huge improvement over other pedals which used nylon or even leather straps.

The Rolling Glide pedals are now in their second generation, and their main selling point is that they are more durable than most other pedals. This is because of the true round shaped sprocket with the double chain, basically providing the smooth, uniform response of the traditional round cam without putting a whole lot of strain on the rest of the pedal system. This is more of a beginner-level pedal than the other two models are.

The power glide model has a doublechained offset cam. This basically means that the power and speed is increased substantially as the beater reaches the end of the stroke. This pedal is especially designed for drummers playing various forms of metal and prog rock, etc. I have been using a Twin Iron Cobra Power Glide system for about two months, and it has proven to be the best purchase I have made for my drum set.

Nothing sounds quite like two foot blast beats...

I am also very partial to the fact that every double pedal system comes with a handy little drum hammer (a.k.a. drum key) and a holster on the left instep! So convenient (and really cool)!

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