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UEA is the acronym for the University of East Anglia. Sometimes known as the University of Erroneous Acronyms due to the excessive amount of TLAs it employs about campus.

UEA is a fairly average university. Medium size, medium reputation, medium facilities.

Points of interest:
Currently home to the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion.
Has award winning student media - Concrete (a trashy tabloid newspaper), www.TSW.org.uk (Best student website according to the Independent) and the newly revamped LiveWire Radio.
It's the eighth best science university in the UK.
Norman Foster designed the concrete design of campus. Home to a very nice art gallery, "The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts" (Funded by Lord Sainsbury)
Over 9500 students studying there at any one time.
Famous alumni include actor Jack Davenport; authors Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro and Rose Tremain; broadcaster Selina Scott; comedians Paul Whitehouse (the creator of The Fast Show), Arthur Smith and Charlie Higson.

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