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Short for the "Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières" or the "University of Quebec at Three Rivers" for those who do things like that.

To be insipid, it is one of Québec's Universities, and in the city of Trois-Rivières. The university was created March 19, 1969.

The student body is approximately 11000 within 39 post graduate programs. There is housing available for 900 in residence. The majority of the students come from the province of Québec, but outside of Trois-Rivières.

The university's sports complex contains an olympic sized swimming pool and exercise equipment. Also, there are trails and a 10km cycling track going through the campus woods.

What sets it apart from Québec's other universities is that one can get a bachelor's degree in accounting sciences, biophysics, midwifery(!), recreology, and social communication.

I studied here for Autumn 2001, and Winter 2002 semesters, in the department of Arts Plastiques. I also have had contracts for being a modèle vivant for the art classes, a translator, a medical illustrator, and a decorator.

Located at:
3351, boulevard Des Forges
Casier postal 500
Trois-Rivières, PQ G9A 5H7
Tel: 1 819 3765011

The pavilions:
Pavillon Albert-Tessier
Pavillon Ringuet
Pavillon Léon Provancher
Pavillon Nérée-Beauchemin
Pavillon Suzor-Côté
Pavillon Benjamin-Sulte
Pavillon Pierre-Boucher
Pavillon Robert-Lionel-Séguin
Pavillon des sports
Pavillon de la chiropratique
Institut de recherche sur l'hydrogène
Institut de recherche sur les PME
Centre de la petite enfance La Culbute
Résidences étudiantes

Pierre Pettigrew

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