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In Uncle Tungsten, Oliver Sacks weaves together the wonders of chemistry and his boyhood experiences with grace, ease, and just the right comedic touch. The result is a rich, unique, and compelling glimpse into the development of an enormously fertile and creative mind.
-Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe

Uncle Tungsten - Memories of a Chemical Boyhood is the memoir of Oliver Sacks, written by him in 2001. In the book, Sacks takes us through his childhood, introducing us to various family members and providing many interesting and often amusing anecdotes describing the impact and influence a particular person had on his life and career.

The "Uncle Tungsten" of the title is actually Sacks' uncle Dave. He worked as a tungsten-filament lightbulb manufacturer at a firm called "Tungstalite". It was this uncle who introduced Sacks to the metal Tungsten as well as several other elements and crystals.

The book is beautifully written. His style is very natural and charming (there's just something about how English people write) and it's a great read even if you aren't interested in science. You will learn something from it.

Copyright 2001 by Oliver Sacks
Published by Alfred A. Knopf and Alfred A. Knopf Canada
Priced at $25 USD
ISBN: 0-375-40448-1

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