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Small university (only round about 12000 students) in Potsdam, which is a good alternative for students from Berlin, who do not like the huge universities of Berlin.

One can study the following topics in Potsdam:

Bachelor of arts is the German Magister Artium. Only at European media science it is the international known bachelor.
Some things like Germanistik or Amerikanistik are plainly translated to English. I do not know if there are words which would fit better. If you know one please message me.
Commerical and National at economics means, that there are two things you can study: Betriebswirtschaftslehre (commercial) und Volkswirtschaftslehre (national). As translating it with Babylon and my dictionary brought out the same for both of them I added this in parenthesises. Both are completely different studies. One deals with economics in companies, the other one with economics on the nattional level.

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