The Volkspistole (people's pistol) 70 is the first polymer pistol that was ever commercially produced. With its design being worked upon since 1968, this pistol that was introduced by Heckler & Koch in 1970 (hence the 70) also was designed to work with a buttstock that when attached converted it into a three round burst capable firearm.

It was chambered for the 9mmx19 round but also saw a limited run in 9mmx21 and came in two versions, the VP 70Z Zivilversion for civilians and the vp 70M Militar for the armed forces. When in burst mode, the gun fired at a cyclic rate of about 2200 rpm.

Another notable feature is the use of a double ramp front sight which was made of highly polished steel and created the effect of a dark front post even in different lighting conditions.

A real collector's item, the VP 70 has not been in production since August 1989.

While the Glock may be the most popular polymer pistol today, it was not the first.

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