Not a person but people, or more specifically, a rock band. Most of their songs are generic angsty rock, but very well-done angst rock. Their worst (and, unfortunately, most popular) song is "The Freshmen," which was the only one done by a differnet producer than the rest of the album ("Villains"), which is reasonably good, and also has a prophetic song about O. J. Simpson. Not to be confused with Verve Pipe.

Mmmmm, good and angsty. The Verve Pipe is a rock band that formed in Lansing, MI in 1992. The band: Brian Vander Ark - vocals, guitar; Donny Brown - drums, backing vocals; Brad Vander Ark - bass, backing vocals; A.J. Dunning - guitar, backing vocals; and Doug Corella - keyboard, percussion. Past members: Brian Stout - guitar, backing vocals.

Their album Villains did really well going gold and getting the album in the Top 40. The biggest single off the album was The Freshman which became a Top Ten pop hit. Their follow-up self-titled album, released in 1999, does not seemed to have done as well. I haven't heard any singles off it.

Underneath -- RCA Records (2001)
The Verve Pipe -- RCA Records (1999)
Villains -- RCA Records (1996)
Pop Smear -- LMNO Pop! (1993)
various versions of the single The Freshman on RCA and BMG International (1997-98)
I've Suffered a Head Injury (EP) -- Transom (1992)
The Vander Arks used to play in the band Johnny with an Eye, while Brown and Stout were previously members of Water 4 the Pool.

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