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The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Founded in 1928, WAGGGS is an association of the girl scouting organizations in 140 countries around the world. Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the boy scouts, enlisted both his wife, Olave, and Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scout movement in America, in an effort to bring scouting to girls around the world.

As a result of their efforts, Girl Scouts and Guides from all over share similar Laws, Promises, symbols, and values. Myriad pen pal programs and the establishment of four World Centers give girls the opportunity to meet people of many different cultures who share the common bond of scouting, and instills a sense of community and sisterhood around the world.

The four World Centers are Our Chalet in the Swiss Alps, Our Cabana in Mexico, Pax Lodge in London, England, and Sangam, in India.

The WAGGGS symbol is a gold trefoil, inscribed in a circle, upon a blue background. Upon joining a Girl Scout troop, one of the first insignia received by a girl is a WAGGGS pin bearing the symbol. She will wear it upon all of her uniforms, from Daisy to Adult levels. The gold and blue represent the sun shining in the sky. The three leaves of the clover stand for the threefold Promise, and the flame serving as the clover's stem represents love of humanity. Two stars on the left and right leaves are for the Promise and the Law, and the compass needle on the third leaf points the way. The circumscribed circle represents worldwide association.

Thinking Day is celebrated on February 22, the joint birthdays of Robert and Olave Baden-Powell. Originally a day to think of members all around the world, it has additionally become a day to ask girls and their parents for a monetary donation to the cause (insert annoyed, subjective comment here). My council, Central Maryland, usually held a Multi-Cultural Fair somewhere in the vicinity of Thinking Day, in which each troop would prepare a fun craft or food and a display about a particular country.

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