The Warm Blonde is one of the many drinks every good bartender knows how to make by name, however, it's one of the least requested. Perhaps it's the name, warm blonde, which suggests something soothing yet dull.

This drink is neither soothing nor dull. In fact, I'd rank it up there among the best "Knock you off your ass" shots in existence. What's so deceptive about this drink is that it goes down incredibly smooth. It tastes fantastic. And then, 20 seconds later, the 66 proof combination of the two ingedients hits you, knocking you off your barstool. The smile will remain on your face, though.

Mixing instructions:
  1. Pour the Amaretto into the glass.
  2. Pour the Southern Comfort into the glass. Be gentle, you want to layer it.
  3. Slam.
  4. Optional: Rinse and repeat until nicely toasted.
While traditionally, this drink is consumed in a shooter glass, it truly is good enough to drink in a lowball glass, on the rocks.

You may also add 1 ounce of Grand Marnier to create an Alice in Wonderland.

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