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As it can easily be ascertained from my noding activity, I've had trouble fitting e2 into my life in the last few years. I can't even begin to express how much my time here has changed me, far for the better. I'll never forget the people here who touched my life in so many ways, the ones I knew strictly from catbox banter, to the ones I chatted with offsite, or the ones I met at an incredible nodermeet in Columbus what seems like a lifetime ago.

I'm not actively avoiding anyone, I just have trouble balancing my priorities, and every moment that I spend with a chat window open is a moment I could probably be doing something directly related to putting food in my mouth. If I had my way I could do the former and never worry about the latter. So although I may not be online much, I do check in here now and again, and you might occasionally see me on one of the esteemed chat services out there.

AIM:        ryanmeray
Twitter:         @RyanMeray

For those who are interested in what's drawn me away from the the site, well, I've met an incredible woman, and we've bought a house together in a fairly cool part of Metro-Detroit, and I'm running my own IT Consulting / PC Tech biz.

Maybe someday, when I've sold out to a major corporation and am sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas, I'll find my way back here. But everything after this point is pretty much a fossil of where I was at in 2005. I don't know if I'll ever be able to come back to it and fill in the nodes I wanted to, to do the stuff on the site I wanted to...but I wanted to leave it for posterity.

Anyways, Peace!

I solemnly covenant that I will not join any covenants on Everything2, and I will write anything which damn well pleases me.

That was a joke, son.

Currently Noding!

The ENTIRETY of the Muscat family.

At this point, I'd like to thank the dozens of noders who have helped me since I began coming here. Unfortunately, my message inbox being 2000 messages strong, it'll be a monumental task to figure that out. So until I can get each and every one of you, this shall be blank.

In the spirit of the same altruism which moved the (as of yet, not) aforementioned noders to help me out, I've decided to do node audits. Since I am by no means an expert on anything, let alone everything, I've limited my scope to the following:

Due to the fact I have a mere 10 votes per day at my disposal, I can only do one node audit per day. Then again, I don't see that as a problem. Yet. I hope someday it becomes a problem. That would make me smile and giggle like a little schoolgirl.

Note also that I said "I will then vote on it." That does not mean, "I will upvote it." I will vote up or down, according to how I feel about merits of the node. Node audits are not ways to increase your merit or your XP - They're ways to improve as a user on e2. Merit and XP are merely the icing on the cake.

People whom I have audited:

People whom I am auditing:

  • Vilk - Requested
  • morganlight - Unrequested
  • This could be you, for the low low price of nothing! Just message me and say, "I want you to node-audit my ass!"

/| @                                                                            
 |                                                                    @         
E|                        @          @                                          
 |                          @   @                                               
 |                         @                                                    
 |                         @    @                                               
 |@                                          @                                  
 |@                        @    @@@@                             d              
 |O                        @O O   @@ @                                       @  
 |O                      O     @ @O                            @                
 |O                          OO   OO Od                        O              O 
 |O                           O                                  O             O
 |                            @    O O                               d          
 |                             O@OO                                             
 |                           @                                                  
 | PAST                                                                  PRESENT

This graph was created by in10se's E2 Link and Logger Client at 12/11/2002 5:25:15 PM

------------------BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK------------------
Version: 3.1
d+ s-:+ a? C++++ U--- P L- E--- W+++ N- o K- w+++ 
O---- M-- PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP- t 5 X++ R-- tv+ b+ DI+++++ D+ 
G e+ h! !r  y-- 
-------------------END GEEK CODE BLOCK-------------------

------------------BEGIN NODE CODE BLOCK------------------
Version: 0.1.2
NAT l++ xp? n+ C- H++ c+ e- # d D p+ g- N
-------------------END NODE CODE BLOCK-------------------

These are things I plan on noding when I get the time. If there is a wu on this list you would like to see sooner than the others, by all means, message me, and I'll move it up. Currently, this list is in no particular order. That may change in the future.

More to come eventually. I think.

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