A term used to describe very pale blonde hair. Sometimes spelt “platinum blond” To be platinum blonde, the hair must be silvery-white, though a hint of yellow/gold mixed in is acceptable.

“Platinum blonde” is usually only to describe the hair of a female. For males the more utilitarian terms “white blonde”, “white”, or “silver” are used.

Platinum blonde hair is seen by many in the West as being an attractive feature (especially on a woman). This is probably for the same reasons that males of European origin like blondes. Possible reasons for this are discussed here. They are essentially: because it makes women look young and (thus) fertile; or because men instinctively look for women that look healthy, and this is easier to do with blondes.

Very few people have truly platinum blonde hair. I advise that if you are not a platinum blonde, do not attempt to dye or bleach your hair to that colour. It almost always looks really fake, unless you are naturally a pale blonde.

I have it from unreliable sources that platinum blondes are more likely to be “all-over blonde”, “collar and cuffs” or that “the carpet matches the drapes” - That the person’s pubic hair is also blonde.

Platinum Blonde is also a song by Blondie. It appears as a bonus track on the self titled album Blondie. Lyrics can be found here: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/b/blondielyrics/platinumblondelyrics.html

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