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They say that pot will always help you thru the broke times, but money will never help you thru the times when you have no weed. Of course you could always buy more weed.. but that's not the point. They didn't seem to think their statement thru. But the fact is, if it wasn't for the weed fairy, most potheads wouldn't have a lot to live for.

The weed fairy is a creature of stoner mythology. She places little bags of weed in places where you will find them eventually, like trouser pockets or inside pillowcases, or leaves buds lying around where you're likely to come across them after you come out of your haze and decide your house needs a clean. She is highly respected, almost worshipped in the stoner community (and I wouldn't be surprised if people actually made prayers to her. In fact, I might look into this).

Speaking from experience, these little gifts of weed are the best present one can recieve. Last semester for example, when I was convinced I had lost my bag of weed and had no money for more, the weed fairy, my most generous benefactress, left me a little bag out of which I was able to roll four joints of good strength.

The weed fairy seems to base her charity on a sort of pot karma. The Urban Dictionary has this rhyme: If you're good and share your weed, The weed fairy comes when you're in need. If you're bad and don't share a bit, The weed fairy will come and take your shit.' The weed fairy doesn't just throw weed at people indiscriminately, she judges us all based on past behaviour and acts appropriately. This is why it's always a good idea to share your shit.

Also, if you think you have never had a visitation from the weed fairy, think harder because she works in very mysterious ways (tho not quite as mysterious as Jehovah, mysterious enough to make sense to nobody). Remember that time you met a random pothead one evening and he invited you for a session? That'll be the weed fairy. Or when you scavenged all the roaches you could find and found it was enough for several joints- that probably wasn't the weed fairy. If you think you've never been visited you would probably be right. But the idea brings great comfort to many and THAT is the important thing.

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