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Weed High School, located in Weed, California, is one of five schools in the Siskiyou Union High School District. Located at the bottom of Mt. Shasta, Weed is a rural lumber community, whose claims to fame are its Crystal Geyser plant and post office. The 247 student population at Weed High is 62% White, 14% Hispanic, 10.3% African-American, 12.7% Asian, and .9% American Indian.

“Although Weed High has one of the smallest enrollments in the Shasta Cascade League, it is competitive in all sports.” That is, if you think only Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Track, and Golf are actually sports, and that Hockey, Swimming, and Lacrosse are merely ‘games’. Weed’s mascot is the cougar and its school color is, what else, green.

“Weed High School places a high priority in providing students with current texts, adequate instructional materials and access to computers.” That is why an illustrious 23% of 11th graders scored 50% or higher in the reading section of the STAR Standardized test in 1999 (the last year the graph was updated).

The Staff includes Principle Ed Harris, and Athletic Director John Sjoblom, who also teaches earth science and a mysterious class called “Advanced PE”. Evidently in this class, students learn exactly what they learn in all their other classes, mainly how to mentally prepare for a career at the lumber mill.

When I first heard the name “Weed High” I thought to myself, ‘that would be a great place to go to school!’, but upon reading about it I thought, ‘no...no it wouldn’t’.

Yes, this place actually exists. And to prove I’m not making any of it up, Weed High School’s website can be found at http://sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us/~weedhigh/.

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