Old-school religion's answer to the Christian "What would Jesus Do?." This particular line of thinking invokes the fire-and-brimstone god we know and love from the Old Testament. Plauges, floods and fire abound as you enact revenge on those who wronged you

Someone cuts you off in traffic, well locusts are the perfect answer, and the look on his face after the buzzing of thousands of insects fill his ears for nights on end will serve as a reminder off who really owns the road

Lecherous boss giving your raise to the secretary who is "servicing" him during the lunch hour? Why not kill his first born son? Worked on the Pharoh of Egypt, now it can work for you to!

Noisy neighbor keeping you up at night? Well we reccomend everyone's favorite plauge, frogs! Yes fill his bed with those slippery creatures or rig a bucket of them to fall on his head as he enters his front door to get that true "biblical" feel.

Evil corporation monopolizing the technology industry, well why not "go sodom and gomorrah on their asses" with a rain of good ol' fashioned fire and brimstone. Wake them up with the smell of sulfer and watch gleefully as their wives turn into pillars of salt.

Yes the all-mighty never took any crap and neither should you! So, just ask yourself... What Would God Do?

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