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Well, she grew up, got married and became a respected ambassador as Shirley Temple Black.

Then she became Shirley Temple Crystal, and she left her old life, and stood upon a high diamond mountain, and contemplated existence.

Then she became Shirley Temple Omicron, and ascended to the clouds, where she ruled over the storm giants in a castle made of wind.

But she became cruel, upon her throne, and let the storm giants run wild, and there was more and more thunder upon the earth, and the cities were washed to the sea, and the people looked up to the crackling heavens, and in their despair and rage they called her Shirley Temple Tyrannus.

She was defeated by a plucky band of ragtag heroes riding a blimp.

Now she wanders the seas, in the Good Ship Lollipop, and she calls herself Shirley Temple Omega, and rescues people from drowning, and many dolphins follow in her wake.

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