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So ‘they’ say that you should never quit something. Give it your all; try your hardest, yada yada yada. But at what point is quitting not really quitting?

If you are a member of something, or trying out a new hobby, or just doing something different that you wanted to try, of course you should put in your all, do it to the best you can, and see if you succeed. But sometimes, at some point, you just have to realize that it is time to stop. Give it up. There is no reason to continue.

For example, what if said activity no longer gives you any pleasure or enjoyment? Maybe it isn’t making you un-happy necessarily, but it just doesn’t make you happy or excited as it did in the beginning…or maybe it is making you un-happy now. What if the things that got you into it in the first place, and even kept you in it, are no longer valid? If any or all of these things occur, then it is time to stop it.

People will try to tell you that you shouldn’t quit; that you should give it another try, stick it out, see how it goes, see how it works out. But why bother? Waste the time and/or money on something that no longer gives you any pleasure or happiness? I think not.

it’s not quitting. It’s being able to recognize when the time is right to end something.

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