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A breed of small slender dogs often used for racing.


when a doggie comes along
it's a whippet
it's gonna pee upon your lawn
it's a whippet
its shape looks kinda wrong
it's a whippet
Whippet! Whippet Good! Dress it up! Make it wear a hood!...

(insincere apologies to Devo)

Whippet is also a very common term in "drug slang" pointing reference to a can of whipped cream, which is often inhaled. Regular users of Nitrous Oxide somtimes purchase mass amounts (a case of whippets) at a time, then proceed to inhale all the nitrous from the cans.

Whippets, like greyhounds, pharaoh hounds, Afghan Hounds, Basenjis and Ibizan Hounds, are a type of sighthound: that is, a dog that tracks prey with his eyes. Most sighthounds are more closely related to the Asian Wolves and Dingoes than to northern Gray Wolves. These animals are fast runners, deep-chested with long skinny legs.

In appearance the whippet looks much like a greyhound (though their ears tend to stick out a bit more) they are about half the size of a greyhound and come in the same variety of colors: white, gray, black, brown, bridle. They range in size from 20 to 35 pounds.

They are quiet and gentle pets who must live indoors since they have little body-fat or fur… not to mention the fact that they can get very lonely! That said, they are not overly eager to please dogs who will nag you all the time (as retrievers tend to) They also a sleep a lot…a whole lot…all over the place. (don’t trip!)

Despite their petite appearance they have a sturdy “real dog” bark which they use with discretion. (Some whippet owners swear their dog has no idea how to bark) They are hardy, and can live to be 11-15 years of age with few health problems. Since they were breed to run, they enjoy a good sprint every day, but afterwards are content to sleep the day away on your couch.

You cannot prevent them from sleeping on the couch, by the way… it’s not worth fighting about this. A whippet will find the softest place in the house and claim it as her own. You can’t blame the poor dears, though, they’re so boney that resting on a hard surface could give them blisters!

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