A humble contribution to the HateQuest 2006

Interesting, if you can get away with it

    Loving is on occasion interesting stuff, as likely as not. It could even turn into a load of pesky circulatory symptoms: a deep wringing, wrangling feeling in your chest -- or why not a feeling of burning, fluttering, stinging, sloshing -- whatever a bad / good / mediocre poet can get away with in saying or putting down on paper. At least whatever the poet could get away with without becoming too ashamed, subjectively, or too corporally harmed, objectively.

    Love and loving are not clichés in themselves. They don’t have time enough to manage it, because their essence is constantly invented afresh, with an amazingly high frequency. But some of their verbal and corporal symbols certainly have been made into clichés, have been cliché-isized. More accurately, they have been raped into becoming clichés, in a most abominable manner.

Innocent cynics

    Who are the rapists? No, no, it's not the cynics, not the foul-mouthed, not the don't-give-a-damn-ones. Oh no, they have a watertight alibi -- the are just People. Quite to the contrary, the real rapists are in the so-called well-meaning crowd, consisting of the "I love you too"-bastards, the hugging, fake-kissing, all-smiles, bogus-innocent cads. They are the supreme terrorists of love, against whom we must shortly declare a War on I-Love-You-Too Terrorism. They are the ones who have raped the concepts of love and loving, ravished both concepts into meaningless clichés.

    Hollywood is perhaps not the perpetrator, but certainly the pimp. You all are bound to remember vomiting on your unsuspecting next-seat cinema neighbour, when the plot's victim-to-be makes his/her last call to her/his "loved ones":

    - I love you
    - I love you too

    I truly HATE the smiling, hugging, kissing, verbal-cum-corporal rapists of love and loving.

Ideologies for murderouos pimps

    Where does all of this appalling loveless love come from?

    You are of course right, in all probability the well-meaning love-rapists are themselves victims, like most sexual rapists are themselves victims of sexual assault. In this case they are victims of nice-sounding ideologies of "love and understanding" –- Communism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism -- history's most infamous murder machines, organisations that kill with a smile on their lips and give their tortured victim a last, friendly hug. Organisations that pretend to bravely work for a "better world", even if they have to kill, burn and rape for it.

    I Hate all brands of Monotheism and Communism. Not just because they are murdering machines (there is plenty more where that came from), but because they Love doing it.


Personal experiences of noder, sadly
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