“I don’t have much to say to you today other than thanks for coming out. We’ve had our share of problems, we’ve had our share of losses, but because of people like you and you and you, we’re finally on the edge of success.

“One hundred years. One hundred years ago we lost our sovereignty to a hostile, arrogant, foreign power. At the time we were scattered, divided, technologically naïve, just barely out of our tribal roots. But we did have a government, a democracy. A democracy that was smashed by our enemies. They saw that we were scattered, they knew we were divided, they had better weapons of war. They used that against us and they won. That was one hundred years ago.

“But we are not divided now. We have become one people with a unified front and those from the North have noticed and are beginning to respond. We have sent them a message and we did it not with guns or bombs or subterfuge but with an appeal, we have put our bodies on the line and we have gotten results. We have shown that our spirits cannot be crushed and that we will not be ignored.

“It has been suggested to some that an Ancinne nation would not be stable without support from the very people who kept it down for so long. Those that wrecked us and some of our own brothers and sisters insist that the very people who put us in this situation are our only way out, but I believe that the events of the last few days have shown that we are fully capable of supporting ourselves. Indeed, this idea of support is interesting for the very reason that we could not support ourselves for so long was because of the hostile power riding on our back. The weight bowed us and laid us low. But now that the weight is lifting, we can finally stand on our own again!

“I am happy to report that tomorrow a functioning Ancinne legislature will be established for the first time in a century. Elections are sure to follow. I wish to stress that non-violence was instrumental in this process. We all know people who have killed or been killed in the Struggle, but this Struggle has consistently slowed down progress. It was, in fact, the peaceful demonstra-- What is it? Excuse me, I think we have a--

“No, no, I’m fine I can still deliver the… is he badly hurt? Where is the shooter? Did he get… No, no, no. I’m fine. It’s just blood. No, I don’t need help, get something for that man… He’s hurt worse! Look, it didn’t go in very far. I am not… having trouble! If I leave this whole thing is…

“… There’s more? Everybody! Don’t panic. We need to leave in an orderly fashion!

“… Fine. We’ll get… Are they leaving? I can’t see. Are my eyes clear? No, just get it… better. Are they gone? Is everybody safe? Did you see who the shooter was? Did they find him?

“Jeremy, I’m confused. I seem to have lost myself there. There was a… are they cheering? Lean in, I can’t hear too good. I ain’t never… I haven’t heard the… why are they cheer...ing? Jeremy, I can’t hear you, lean in. Saw some… saw soome… sooma… I want you to tell them about peace… can you? Can you? … oh.”

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