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Since her breakout in Tim Burton's 1988 film Beetlejuice up until the current day, Winona Ryder is seeing to it that the official lifestyle of a rock n' roll star is no longer sex, drugs and rock n' roll but instead, drugs, rock n' roll, and sex with Winona Ryder.

Yes, Winona has dated quite a number of rock stars in her time. If all the rock stars that Winona has ever had flings with would come together to form an amazing rock supergroup titled WINONA'S EXES this is what the lineup would look something like:

Ryan Adams – guitar/vocals

Evan Dando (of The Lemonheads fame) – guitars/vocals

Adam Duritz (of Counting Crows fame) – guitars/vocals

David Grohl – drums

Page Hamilton – guitars

Beck – guitars/vocals/various crazy sounds

Stephan Jenkins (of Third Eye Blind fame) – guitars/vocals

Rhett Miller (of Old 97s fame) – guitars/vocals

Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes fame) – guitars/vocals

David Pirner (of Soul Asylum fame) – guitars/vocals/rockin’ hair

Jack White (of The White Stripes fame) – guitars/vocals

Pete Yorn – guitars/vocals

Jay Kay (of Jamiroquai fame) – bass guitar/funky grooves

To feature a special guest appearance by Matt Damon singing “Scotty Doesn’t Know.”

I picture their debut album, titled How to Break an American Rock Star, having a very crowded Sgt. Pepper's like album cover. With not only the 13 members of Winona's Exes, but a great happy group shot of all the performers Winona has dated: Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, David Duchovny, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Noth, Gary Oldman and Christian Slater.

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