The YT-1300 is a stock light freighter manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation of the Star Wars galaxy. It is 26.7 meters in length and of roughly the same size as a large starfighter. The stock configuration calls for two crew members and a single gunner, however, the ship can run with a skeleton crew of 1. There is stowage for 6 passengers and a default storage capacity of 100 metric tons.

The original Star Wars Trilogy had a noteable YT-1300, chirstened the Millennium Falcon. In the first film of the Trilogy, Han Solo, the ship's proprietor, refered to it as the Millennium Fulcon. His particular ship was crewed solely by him and Chewie. It was heavily modified, from the hull to the clustered quad-droid-brain computer, to the Dreadnaught-class turrets mounted on the port and starboard sides of the ship. Alternatively, escape pods could be mounted on the turret's locations.

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