Primary planet in the Corellian system, home of such heros as Han Solo, Wedge Antilles and General Crix Madine. Corellians are well known for their ship building. The Millennium Falcon and the Tantive IV were both ships of Corellian design.

The primary race of Corellia is human, although it is a major space port and creatures from hundreds of world can be found in it's large cities and ports.
Corran Horn, the star from the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron book series is also a Corellian native and former CorSec detective.

Furthermore, Corellia is/was (for the most part of the Star Wars timeline) under the Diktat, something of a dictatorship (there is only one political party). During the time of the Galactic Empire, Corellia was still independent under the Diktat's rule, though the government sided heavily with the Empire. Therefore Imperial liasion officers were not uncommon within the government services.

Corellians are notoriously known to give bantha s*** about odds.

Oh, and when on Corellia, be sure to buy a couple bottles of the local whiskey, Whyren's Reserve. Just don't get caught smuggling!

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