Great 5 octave MIDI keyboard by Yamaha. It's the one I use to do all of my playing, and recording onto my computer. It has 100 voices, with groupings of: keyboard, guitar, other strings, brass, woodwind, mallet, chorus, synthesizer, bass, others, and percussion.

It also has 50 beat styles, with groupings of: dance, rock, soul, jazz, fusion, latin, and traditional. You can record up to three individual chord settings with a backup style of your choice to go along. You can then play these back at your own tempo and play a tune to go with it.

Some nice options are the ability to play two voices at once automatically transpose, insert fill-ins, add reverb, and have chord settings of: off, duet, trio, block, country, and octave.

The keyboard also comes with 15 pre-programmed songs with sheet music. You can choose to listen to the full song, or play it with the lead instrument taken out so you can play it. The songs it comes with are: Original Theme (a song that to the best of my knowledge was written for the keyboard), Sing, Happy Birthday to You, Spring (from The Four Seasons), Carmen, Grandfather's Clock, Minuet, Something, House of the Rising Sun, Edelweiss, La Cucaracha, Amarylis, O, Vreneli, Greensleeves, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

The Yamaha PSR 300M is a superb keyboard that gives a wide versitility that many keyboards nowdays do not. If you can still find it, it is definately a recommended purchase.

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