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My flatmate just returned from America. She married my good friend and one of my other flatmates lj on tuesday. It was a good day. Anyway, the point of this node is that yesterday I was sitting noding away when she came into my room to say hi. I had a headache, but rather than do the sensible thing and stop noding I asked her if she had any paracetamol. She did, and she went to get some. When she came back, however, she had not only the drugs but something truly wonderful.

It was a Pez dispenser. I hadn't seen a Pez dispenser since I was, oh, ten, maybe twelve years old. I was stunned. And this was no ordinary Pez dispenser. Well, obviously the node title gives it away a bit... but I was used to Sylvester and Bugs bunny, and the classic Satan (I wish... Santa, really, but did you read it as santa or satan? Bet it was Santa). We are pez-poor in Britain, bereft of the great variety that our american cousins can boast of. My god, here I was being given not just a beatiful relic of my childhood - complete with two packets of Pez to fill the l'il guy with - but it was Yoda, the Jedi master, the most wise and insightful master of everything. He now has pride of place on my desk, watching me and exuding wisdom and knowledge, ensuring that I never node crap1. It was a great gift.

But now I have a problem.

A big problem.

There's only one Pez left.


I need your help.

How can I have an empty Yoda Pez dispenser? How?

I live in Edinburgh, and I have no idea where I might get some Pez to refill my most wise companion. So I turn to you, my fellow noders, for help. If any of you know where I might find some Pez in this fair city, please let me know. /msg me. Please. Thank you. I adore you all. I'm going to eat the last Pez now. Help me.

1. Well, maybe it'll start working soon...

Thanks all for the offers of help that have flooded in. I'll keep you all posted.

Update! Yay! While visiting my mum in St.Andrews I found Pez in our local Woolworths. Any pointers to where to get Pez in Edinburgh would still be much appreciated, though.

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