My girlfriend was not very pleased to find a very attractive girl, freshly showered, painting her toenails on my bed while wearing only my favorite towel.

My girlfriend had a key to my dorm room, and she dropped by every so often. Perhaps it was to check up on me, maybe to just say hello, who knows. I had no problems with her dropping by, since it usually meant sexual activity would be forthcoming (this was many moons ago, when I was but a rutting lad). That is, I never had problems until she saw Anni there on my bed. Anni was the sister of my roommate, and she was very cute, very smart and very young for a 20ish year old guy like me to leer at. Anything under 18 was illegal, and she had two months to go until she hit the age of consent. As a rule, I tend to stay away from the relatives of friends and all girls in general when I'm actively involved in a relationship.

When I was done showering, I lumbered towards my room. I could hear Lisa, my girl, yelling at someone, calling them a slut and other unsavory names. I was quite surprised the object of her scorn was Anni. Lisa saw me approching the door and attacked. She pummelled me with her hands while screaming at me loud enough to wake the dorm Residence Assistant, or the guy who keeps order on that floor of the dorm. He dragged her away and worked on calming Lisa down. Anni was stunned, but she kept on dabbing at the toenail polish absent-mindedly.

After a few tense moments, Lisa found out who Anni was. By that time I had gathered my senses and was royally pissed off at Lisa. I broke up with her on the spot, in a hallway full of spectators. She began bawling as I made her return my room key.

When Anni turned 18 I took her out to dinner, and I broke one of my general rules of dating for her. We were an item for quite a while until she went off to a university in Canada. Most of the time she was over, all she wore was that same beach towel, which caused her brother to room swap with another mutual friend so he wouldn't walk in on us with that towel cast aside on the floor.

A rather prophetic nodeshell rescue

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