Religion itself is a belief. It is a belief in a system of values or a god or a something. I mean even everythingism can be a religion if you want it to be.

If you are anti religion you are against belief. You are against that set of values, that god, or that something. There are many people who take an anti religion stance but are not actually against religion just the organization of those beliefs. For example a person might believe in god and in the bible but not go to church because he feels organized christianity is corrupt.

If you don't believe in a religion and wish to speak about it, that's fine, i don't care, but make sure you fully understand your own ideas about religion and its organizations before you make negative statments about it.

Not a bad Nodeshell rescue if i do say so myself.
Some people (Marxists, for example) are against religion not because they don't like people believing in something (hell, Communism depends on the people believing that it is the best way to live), but because they think that religion is a way to control people and keep them complacent. Opiate of the masses, right?

Their argument is: Religion is a construct, something that must exist for the control of people, not for their benefit. They see religion as a way of limiting people, keeping them in constant fear/awe/whatever of their God, preventing them from doing very much that is revolutionary.

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