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Zendik is the name of a commune that was started in 1969 by two people named Arol and Wulf Zendik. They have been located in several states including California, Texas, and Florida. They currently reside in North Carolina.

They pride themselves on their "clean-living" lifestyle, their ability to help people to utilize their true creativity, & their quest to expose and put an end to the corruption of the American government's oppressive way of life.

They produce magazines, music, television shows, stickers, t-shirts, jewelry, and books. They can be seen selling these at many festivals throughout the US, and even have their own festivals on their farm. They are drug/drink free, and many are vegetarians. They grow their own food, and raise several kinds of animals, ranging from pigs to horses to peacocks.

Anyone can join, and anyone can leave anytime they want. It can be a nice change, and a break from the hardships of living in Corporate America.

Zen"dik (?), n. [Ar. zandik.]

An atheist or unbeliever; -- name given in the East to those charged with disbelief of any revealed religion, or accused of magical heresies.


© Webster 1913.

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