• Jeremy Duncan: The main character, your "typical" teenager. Always wears a unbuttoned, untucked purple shirt with vertical and horizontal lines, blue jeans, and oversizes shoes.

  • Hector Garcia: Jeremy's best friend since the 5th grade. The 3rd of 5 kids. He has a taste in mismatched clothing.

  • Sara Toomey: Jeremy's "girlfriend." They have an on and off relationship.

  • Chad Duncan: Jeremy's big brother. Rarely seen, he comes back occasionally from college and drives Jeremy crazy while his parents rant endlessly about his prefect grades, looks, etc. Your stereotypical over-achiever.

  • Connie Duncan: Jeremy's mom, she's a psychologist.

  • Walt Duncan: Jeremy's dad, the "Big Dawg." He's an orthodontist.


Zits is quite funny, its audience seems to be aimed at teenagers (Like me.) and parents. It pokes fun at everything and anything related to the teenage years of life. I like seeing my age group being made fun of, come on! If you can't laugh at yourself who are you going to laugh at?

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