To be zonked is to be in a state of confuddlement, distraction and nebulous lucidity attained through overindulgence of some substances (see: THC, alcohol) or abstinances of other essential ones (see: oxygen, vitamin e, sleep.) One cannot zonk someone else; getting zonked is an act of personal responsibility. See also: Zonker.

Zonk is also a dice game played while smoking marijuana with a bong. It is relatively simple, but a lot of fun.

For this game you need:

  1. 5 dice
  2. A pack of friends
  3. A large quantity of marjuana (Schwag is ok, you are going to be smoking a lot)
  4. A large bong (bowls/joints/etc. just won't cut it)
  5. A place where you can safely roll dice and take bong hits

Basically, it works as follows. For every 1,000 points you score, you get a bong hit. First person to get 10,000 points is labeled "The Bong King" and may hand out bong hits freely to whomever they choose (or just themself) for the next 30 minutes (or until the next round starts, whichever comes first). You get very very silly stoned.

Scoring is as

  • 50 pts for rolling a 5
  • 100 pts for rolling a 1
  • 200 pts for rolling three 2's
  • 300 pts for rolling three 3's
  • 400 pts for rolling three 4's
  • 500 pts for rolling three 5's
  • 600 pts for rolling three 6's
  • 1000 pts for rolling three 1's
  • 2500 pts for rolling four 1's
  • 10000 pts for rolling five 1's (GAME OVER, MAN!!)
You'll note that there are no points for higher combinations of numbers other than one. This is becuase the game goes too fast otherwise.

In a nutshell, here's how rolling works:
On your turn, you roll all five dice. If you do not roll anything that scores points, you have zonked, and your turn is over. If you have, you pull those dice out and may hold them (like in Yahtzee). However, if you don't want to hold them you can re-roll them, although you must hold on to one die per roll. Numbers other than 1 or 5 may only be held in combinations of three. If you choose to hold all five dice (you have all 1's,5's, or three of a kinds), you can roll all five again and keep raising your score. This is called "clearing."

BE CAREFUL, though, because here is the tricky part.

Your turn ends in one of two ways:

  1. You decide to stop rolling and write your score down. (Your score is not recorded until you do this, even if you have held five die and re-rolled all of them)


  2. You throw your dice that you aren't holding and you do not roll a scoring roll. This means you have ZONKED and you lose all the points you have earned on that turn, even if you have cleared 4 times and have 3000 points. (Its very funny if you all yell out ZONK when this happens)

Just for a little further edification, here's and example turn:

First roll: roll all five 5,1,1,2,4 (I'd hold the two 1's so I have 3 dice left to roll)
Second roll: roll just the three you didnt hold 2,2,2 (you know have 200 points for the 2's and 200 for the two held 1's)
Third roll: roll all five since you cleared the die. lets say you get: 5,6,2,3,2 You hold the five because its the only scoring die you have. You now have a total of 450
Fourth roll: 4,3,3,2 No scoring dice! You ZONKED!! No points on that turn!! Bummer!

All bong hits for a turn are collected after you're score is written down (which means you have stopped your turn).

Some variations include playing with more dice (I've seen 6,7 and even 8) or playing to higher scores (I once saw friends have a game to 1 million points that took them playing every night for a month to complete).

Try it out. This is a blast. Make up your own rules. Pass it on. Let me know how it goes.

props to donfreenut for mentioning Cosmic Wimpout which can be played similarly.

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