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Zock is a character introduced in the userfriendly online comic strip by it's author Illiad. Zock is a caricature of the real life gamer and quake master Zoid, AKA Dave Kirsche. Zock was to the strip introduced on February 9, 1998 as a Quake God, and friend of AJ, to the Dustpuppy. He proceeded to spank everyone at Quake, even with Stef on his team.

Later on, another sequence with him in it was put up, related to the prize won by Phantom, a Quake player, at the first Userfriendly birthday party. Part of the selebration involved a LAN party, with prizes for first, second and third place (while yours truly did make the cut of the first round, I was summarily spanked into submission in the finals). One of the prizes was to appear in a strip. The "prize" was given out 5 months later, on April 15, 1999 when a minor character "phant0m" was introduced. He was a friend of Zocks and was presented as a "31337" dude, speaking leete speak and wearing a shirt with "jlfb" on it, another inside joke.

Since this, Zock has yet to return to the strip, but I'm sure Illiad will bring him back in when the time is right.

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