The road less traveled sure got a lot of stones in it
Everlast: Whitey Ford Plays the Blues

I got new speakers put in the feisty Festiva, so now they don't scratch and twiggle. Free too, a perk from being in the car business and driving a piece of shit car with tiny, cheap speakers. The bass actually comes through now.

Tonight, you'd have seen the back of my shaved head, the back of a black T-shirt that advertises for singing the memorized lyics of a pseudo rap tape, bopping her head in pure celebration that her long day at work has finally come to a close. You'd see my manicured nails sign a cross in the air between me and the steering wheel when the line an' I'm a gonna say a little prayer for every rapper that fell comes on.

At the stop light, you'd see me take a swig from a water bottle, the red bouncing off the perspiration like neon.

You might have passed me on the right and laughed or shook your head. And I wouldn't have blamed you. But, boy, was I having fun.

furu sato ni nitaru yama wo kazoete tsukimi kana

Counting mountains
like the ones back home...
moon viewing


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