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The Canyonero is the top-of-the-line sports utility vehicle on The Simpsons. Only a few select drivers own one, most notably Krusty the Klown. In 2000 Homer Simpson bought into the Canyonero craze and cashed in his life savings to buy one. Unfortunately for him, he accidentially purchased the F-Series model... F as in female (in fact, the F-Series has a lipstick holder instead of a cigarette lighter). Appaled that he had bought a "girl's car", Homer refused to drive it. He wound up giving it to his wife, Marge.

Drivers of the Canyonero are most apt to experience road rage. This may be because of its amazing height above the ground; drivers tower over their neighbors on the road. In fact, the cab is so high above ground that a stepladder auto-extends when the door of the vehicle is opened, allowing the driver to climb aboard.

The Canyonero features an onboard computer. After logging in, the computer will ask where the driver wants to go today. Most people activate the four wheel drive and go offroad, even if the destination of the day is the grocery store or office. The SUV also features amazing storage room; it can easily accomodate 32 bags of groceries. The critical design flaw of the Canyonero is its ability to easily roll over when turned at a sharp angle. The SUV will quickly tip over and roll several times. Use extreme caution when driving a Canyonero.

If you've ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a Canyonero, then you should check out the 2003 multi-platform video game The Simpsons: Hit and Run in which the vehicle is one of many playable cars and trucks.

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