A fatal combination of easy-to-learn lyrics and an irritating-yet-somehow-addictive soundtrack which gives rise to a genre unique in its ability to get people of all ages, from kids all the way up to grandparents onto the dancefloor.

Mostly consists of 70’s and 80’s classics such as “YMCA”, “Grease Lightning”, “It’s Raining Men” and pretty much everything by ABBA; although the late 90’s have seen a cheese revival with the likes of Steps and S Club 7.

Especially popular amongst student union bars; usually accompanied by 3-foot afros, flowery shirts and flares; and hip-grinding whilst alternately pointing at the ceiling and floor repeatedly John Travolta-style is compulsory.

NB – Cheesy music should generally be restricted to the half hour before going out on the town, during which time copious amounts of white wine and vodka is being consumed, and the final 2 hours of the night, when you don’t know any better.

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