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The conductance indicates how easily current can flow through a resistor. It is the reciprocal of the resistance. The measurement unit is siemens (previously called mho), which is equal to 1 ampere/volt, or 1 ohm-1.

To calculate the conductance (G), you divide the current (I) through the resistor by the voltage (V) across it, G = I / V, or you take the reciprocal of the resistance, G = 1 / R.

Con*duct"ance (kon*duk"tans), n. [Conduct, v. + -ance.] (Elec.)

Conducting power; -- the reciprocal of resistance. A suggested unit is the mho, the reciprocal of the ohm.

Conductance is an attribute of any specified conductor, and refers to its shape, length, and other factors. Conductivity is an attribute of any specified material without direct reference to its shape or other factors.
Sloane's Elec. Dict.


© Webster 1913

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