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"It is very pleasant dining with a bachelor," said Miss Matty softly, as we settled ourselves in the counting-house. "I only hope it is not improper; so many pleasant things are!" -- Cranford, Elizabeth Gaskell
The phrase, 'confirmed bachelor' typically refers to a distinguished gentleman, occasionally but not necessarily homosexual, that shows little interest in cultivating any sort of serious long-term relationship with a woman. Confirmed bachelors commonly have very rich and visible social lives -- we're not talking about crotchety old men, rather, attractive, suave, sophisticated public figures who apparently have for their own reasons chosen not to tie the knot.

Well-known confirmed bachelors include Paul Lynde, Liberace, Leonard Cohen, and presently, George Clooney.

Women who fail to marry by a certain age have been known previously as spinsters or old maids. These titles should be considered depreciated, however.

Confirmed Bachelor is also the name of 1994 four-minute experimental film directed and produced by Tom Kalin.

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