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A pre-death sequence is a scene typically found in horror movies or made-for-tv docudramas. You've probably seen them too. The actions are completely normal in and of themselves, like a guy in the kitchen making a midnight snack. The motions, however, are subtly different. Everything in the scene is moving a little slower, or you hear an ominous low sound throbbing in the background or an occasional hiss and squeal of the violins or assorted sound effects mingling in the dark recesses of the audio track.

The to-be victim pauses before dropping his hand on a jar of peanut butter and pulling it from a closet. The camera pans, the new scene appearing before us from the right but in a completely different perspective. We subconsciously find this casual disgard for physics fitting of this breathtaking experience and think nothing of it.

He takes a glopping knife-full and begins to spread the creamy, but slighly off--too watery perhaps-- addition to his bread slice. However obvious or subtly this point has been made earlier, we as the audience know that this spread is teeming with aflatoxins seeping out of unquestionably evil Aspergillus parasiticus growths deep within the flavorful mix.

Today our exhibitionist protagonist will die, and every stroke of good luck and violin sqeak brings him a step closer to the inevitable end.

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