Since the first days of free partys in the late 80s and early 90's deep house has epitomised the more spiritual side of the dance music scene. The DiY and Smokescreen soundsystems out of Nottingham and Sheffield respectively and outfits like Desert Storm from Glasgow brought an era of dance culture which always had the emphasis on the music and the party rather than who got paid how much or who was wearing the baddest hilfiger gear. Even in these days of corporate clubbing where you can here the same 5 or 6 DJs in a few super-clubs around the country every Saturday night, you can still find nights where you can hear something new and different which has the vibe to make your body move and your mind get up and listen.

Deep House is a sub-genre of house music characterized by a generally mellower, deeper sound. This deep sound is achieved through the use of atmospheric elements such as pads, and the frequent use of deep, rolling basslines. Deep House is more at home in intimate locations such as clubs and private parties than it is in higher energy environments such as techno dance parties, where drug use, sex and other immoral behaviors run rampant.

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