The current name for Novell Directory Services. It's a cool marketing hype name. Note the StudlyCaps.

eDirectory actually only refers to the database and LDAP parts of NDS. If you want user authentication, you first needed NDS Corporate Edition, now you need Novell Account Management. Of course, the latter made it sound like only corporations can buy it instead of universities, say, so it's probably good it was changed..

eDirectory (former NDS - Novell Directory Services) is currently version 8.7. So what's new? Well, you can run it on many platforms now, including Linux and Windows in addition to Netware. Having almost 10 years experience in catalogue services, you can kind of trust it to be stable. From version 4.10 and up to today’s Novell Netware OS version 6, it's been mainly used for authenticating a large number of users to a system from which you can have access to Netware Volumes and Printers, mainly. This has changed the last few years where various technologies have been developed both by Novell and third party vendors to utilize the directory in other ways.
Single Sign-On (SSO) and secure authentication methods are some of the popular ones. (Nowadays a consolidated product named SecureLogin incorporates Single Sign-On). SSO means you can use your eDirectory user ID to automatically log into any other system with those credentials. Since that means that your eDir user ID would be a single point of attack (once compromized, it would give access to any other system as well), it is even more important to secure the user login to the tree. That could be done by using some kind of biometrical authentication in addition to the usual password.

The administration tools have also improved. I thought Netware Administrator was a mess, but then came ConsoleOne (the Java based eDir/NDS management tool introduced with Netware 5.1), and I started begging for mercy. Java serves many good purposes, where speed is not one of them. Finally iMonitor arrived, which is a web based management tool for Netware servers, eDirectory and other Novell products. The drawback is that you still have to use all three of them since not all features can be administered from iMonitor only (for instance full NDPS support is lacking).

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