The X-files

Ends Game (Part 2 of 2)
Episode: 2X17
First aired:02/10/95
Written by: Frank Spotnitz
Directed by: Rob Bowman

What a great episode and second part of Colony!!!

A navy submarine in the Artic Circle encounters a strange vessel and is rocked by a huge shock wave after firing upon it.

Where we left off... Mulder comes into Scully's motel room but Scully picks up her phone and finds that Mulder is calling her. She looks at the Mulder standing in the doorway.
Scully hangs up on the Mulder on the phone and screams at the Mulder in the doorway to turn around. "Mulder" morphs into the alien bounty hunter. He throws her against the wall and demands to know where the real Mulder is. Later, the real Mulder enters the room with Samantha to find the room smashed up and Scully not there. Samantha says that Scully might have thought it was him and now the bounty hunter has Scully to get to her. The alien bounty hunter wants Samantha because she knows how to kill him -- by piercing the base of his skull.

Mulder and Samantha are back in his apartment waiting for a call from the bounty hunter. Samantha explains that the clones are the progeny of two visitors from the 1940s and are trying to establish a colony by genetically merging with humans. The clones work at abortion clinics for access to fetal tissue and since the experiment was not sanctioned by the aliens, a bounty hunter was dispatched to terminate the colonists.

Skinner knocks on Mulders door and Samantha sneeks up behind him in case it is the bounty hunter. Mulder is relieved to find that it is the real Skinner, who is now very mad and confused about what is going on. Mulder says that the woman is his sister, which Skinner does not understand, but Mulder immediatly asks him for his trust and aide and explains the situation and Scully calls with the bounty hunter.

A trade is set on a bridge in Bethesda. Mulder prepares to swap Samantha for Scully as Skinner and a field agent prepare from a distance to shoot the bounty hunter in the base of his neck. However, the bounty hunter grabs Samantha (after letting Scully go) and they fall into the water as he is shot at. The next day a search team looks for the bodies but none are found.

Scully is upset that Mulder did not tell her that it was his sister that she was traded for. Mulder is obviously upset that he has lost his sister and prepares to tell his family. He talks to his dad telling him that Samantha has been lost again. However, Samantha has left a note saying where to meet her if something happened to her.

Mulder foes to meet Samantha at a clinic where he finds several Samntha clones. They tell him that the woman is not Samantha and that they were trying to get him to help them. They do say that his real sister is alive. The bounty hunter arives and knocks Mulder out. He awakens to find the clones gone and the clinic burning. Later, Scully finds that an unknown virus killed the first man and that it is inhibited by the cold.

Mulder meets with X who tells him that the alien pilot's craft was found in the Artic and that an attack fleet was dispatched to prevent him fro leaving.

Scully finds an email from Mulder that says that he has gone and does not want her to know where he is so her life isn't in danger.

Scully meets with Skinner who doesn't know of Mulder's mysterious departure. Skinner refuses to tell her where Mulder is. Scully contacts X from Mulder's apartment. When X comes and sees it's not Mulder he leaves with out talking to her. On his way out, X runs into Skinner. They exchange punches but Skinner gets X to tell him where Mulder went. Sinner then goes up to Mulder's apartment and tells Scully that he has gone to Alaska.

Mulder finds the submarine in the Artic, barely out of the ice. He finds a soldier there who is in fact the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter starts to throw Mulder around but Mulder persists and keeps asking him about his sister. The bounty hunter says that she is alive. Mulder shoots him and is affected by the green blood. The bounty hunter pulls him outside and under the submarine tower. As the submarine lowers, Mulder withers on the ground and rolls out of the way of the tower just in time.

Back where the previous episode (Colony) started, Scully rushes into the hospital to find Mulder being treated for extreme hypothermia. Scully gets the doctor to take him out of the warm bath, therefore inhibiting the virus with cold. We see Scully visiting Mulder in the hospital as he gets better. He awakes and tells Scully that he found soething he though he had lost, the faith to keep looking.

Important Quotes:
Samantha -- "I know this is hard for you, Fox..."
Mulder -- "No, it's not hard. It's unbelievable."
Samantha -- "You don't believe me."
Mulder -- "After twenty-two years, why come back?"
Samantha -- "I've explained to you..."
Mulder -- "No, no, you've explained only what you had to! I know next to nothing about these people you call your parents or about the man who wants to kill them."

Mulder (to Skinner) -- "We don't, we don't have any time. If I ever needed your help, your trust, I need it now."

Scully -- "Mulder, why didn't you tell me on the phone that it was her?"
Mulder -- "I couldn't tell you."
Scully -- "Why not?"
Mulder -- "Cause you'd never let me go through with it."
Scully -- "Are you sure that it's your sister?"
Mulder -- "Why would you even question me on that?"
Scully -- "Because back at the motel, Mulder, it was you but, but it wasn't you."
Mulder -- "Well, it was her."
Scully -- "Well, then who is this man and what does he..."
Mulder -- "He's an alien."
Scully -- "Is that what you're going to tell Skinner?"
Mulder -- "I already told Skinner, that was the easy part. Now I got to tell my father."

X -- "You'll only win the war if you pick the right battles, Agent Mulder. This is a battle you can't win."

Mulder (email) -- "Scully, when you get this message, I will be too far away for you to stop me, but where I'm going I cannot allow you to follow. I won't let you jeopardize your life and your career for reasons purely personal to me. You were right, Scully... you said a line has to be drawn somewhere. I'm drawing it for you here. I'll contact you when I can."

Mulder -- "Where is she?"
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "Is the answer to your question worth dying for? Is that what you want?"
Mulder -- "Where is she? Just tell me where she is."
Alien Bounty Hunter -- "She's alive. Can you die now?"

Scully (voice over) -- "Ultimately, it was science that saved Agent Mulder's life."

Scully -- "Hey. How you feeling?"
Mulder -- "Like I got a bad case of freezer burn. How did I get here?"
Scully -- "A naval reconnaissance squad found and choppered you to Eisenhower Field. Thanks for ditching me."
Mulder -- "I... I'm sorry, I... I couldn't let you risk your life on this."
Scully -- "Did you find what you were looking for?"
Mulder -- "No. No. But I... I found something I thought I'd lost. Faith to keep looking."

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