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End-users are the customers (external or in-house) of an application or technical service.

Those who are naughty or draw the short straw are forced to communicate with end-users all day long via pointless phone calls and milestone meetings. The person put in this position can also be reffered to as 'the sacrifice' among their peers.

End-users can also be a punishment instilled upon someone who has not met the corporate norm. End-users are particularly adept at trapping their prey in cubicles, sealing off the exit with regurgitated memos, and devouring their prey.
End Users have only one bane. Extrordinarily long Queue Times. Generally, the longer a group of techs takes to fix whatever problems they currently are dealing with, the more the queue will thin out, as the wily but impatient end-user sulks off to pester AOL or some-such. One proposed suggestion (proposed by me, that is) is a CallCenter Orbital Laser.
What is your current location, Latitude and Longitude first please?
1'12'13 by 3'53'23. Why do you *KAZAP*
Sir? Hello? Hello? If there is no response I will have to terminate this call.... Thank you for calling X (where X=Company)

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